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Why Join the AICI?

The AICI is the largest worldwide association for Image Consultants providing you access to a huge network of professionals, resources, training and internationally recognised accreditation.

Joining the AICI provides you immediate benefits regardless what stage you are at in your career.

AICI membership provides you:

  • Access to cutting edge resources – Develop your knowledge of the industry, continue your self-development as an Image consultant, build your business, discover new opportunities, get certified. No matter which area you would like to improve AICI Sydney Chapter will provide access to the resources you need to achieve your goals
  • Access to experienced industry professionals – The AICI Sydney Chapter provides you access to experienced Image Consultants that can mentor you providing advice, direction and guidance to help you fast track your career.
  • Access to huge networking possibilities – With over 1300 AICI members internationally, you have access to a huge network of professionals opening limitless opportunities to learn industry best practices. Participate in networking events, annual conferences or education events and even online both locally and globally.
  • Access to the AICI Community – The AICI Sydney Chapter is a loyal and friendly community that prides itself on helping fellow consultants succeed. It’s comforting to know that no matter where you are in your career you have a team behind you helping drive your success.
  • Access to ongoing education programs – The AICI Sydney Chapter provides access to a regular program of Education events and programs to foster your self-development and business development. Education programs cover a wide range of topics from writing a business plan to refining image consulting techniques. Click here to view this years Education programs
  • Internationally recognised certification – Gaining AICI certification provides you with internationally recognised accreditation within the Image Consulting industry. Not only does it provide you with greater credibility, it also increases your visibility as an Image Consultant within the market. Click here for details of AICI Certification.
  • Access to broader client opportunities – AICI membership opens your doors to broader client opportunities. As a recognised member of the AICI, clients will entrust in you the development of their image.

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