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Becoming an Image Consultant

Image Consulting is a rewarding career where consultants assist people and corporations to develop their best possible image and help them get the best out of life.

If you are interested in becoming an Image Consultant, follow these steps to begin your journey and new career as an Image Consultant.


Step 1: Discover More About Image Consulting

What is an Image Consultant?

An image consultant is a professional who provides professional advice and counsel to individuals and corporations through coaching, presentations, seminars, and workshops.

Image consultants offer assistance with:

  • Image enhancement – appearance, body and color analysis, wardrobe development and management, personal shopping
  • Sound and effective communications
  • Business and social etiquette
  • Civility
  • Branding

AICI provides prospective image consultants with ideas for volunteer work that can help them decide if image consulting is the career for them. Contact xxxxxx for more details.


Step 2: Join the AICI and Develop as an Image Consultant

Once you’ve made the commitment to becoming an image consultant join the professional network of the AICI.

By joining the AICI you will develop your skills and knowledge required to conduct and provide Image Consulting Services so you can effectively offer your clients counsel.

As a member of the AICI you can:

  • Network with professionals in your local chapter and throughout the world.
  • Access the network of AICI professionals to help guide you in developing your area of interest in the field of image consulting
  • Access mentoring programs from experienced Image Consultants to help ensure your success
  • Access industry leading educational programs and continuing professional development through AICI Annual Conference workshops, Sydney Chapter Education Days, teleconference classes and webinars

For more information speak to the Sydney Chapter Board xxxxx.

Step 3: Get Certified, Get Credible, Get Business

AICI Certification validates you as a professional Image Consultant and builds credibility to your work and your business.

AICI Certification ensures you utilize industry best practice to work throughout your business, and ensures your ongoing development. Your certification is a foundation and representation of your experience, knowledge and skills.

There are three levels of certification:

  1. AICI Certified Image Master (AICI CIM)
  2. AICI Certified Image Professional (AICI CIP)
  3. AICI First Level Certification (AICI FLC)

Interested in becoming AICI Certified? Complete your Image Consulting training through one of our AICI Members.

For more information about AICI Certification program click here

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