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Janette underwent her own personal transformation when she left her six figure corporate job and her background in Biotechnology to find what really makes her happy. Although she really enjoyed working on cutting edge cancer therapies she never felt close enough to the remarkable women who were fighting cancer. So Janette asked herself “How can I make more of a positive difference in people’s lives, what are my natural talents? Style always came naturally to Janette and she never gave the way she dressed a second thought. One day during her 12 year tenure the general manager called her into his office and asked for her thoughts on the dress standards within the organization. Janette left the general manager’s office with a sense of pride and with the realization that people notice how you dress but nine times out of ten they never tell you what they think. She never realized just how powerful impression management was. As an accredited Image Consultant and stylist for 9 years Janette has a genuine commitment and has a real touch in connecting and uncovering the essence of each client in a thoughtful and non-judgmental way. Janette says “It’s an absolute honour and privilege to act as a catalyst and bring positive lasting change in transforming a client’s image and style.” Janette believes that she can give each person the knowledge and the tools so they have the ability to dress everyday to express their true self and to leave their home feeling empowered, confident and alive and ready for the success and happiness that lies ahead. Janette is a high energy impactful speaker and is available for seminars, workshops, keynote addresses and corporate and/or personal coaching.

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